Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Wow! It's been awhile!

I can hardly believe its been over two and a half years since I've posted. Next year one of my resolutions is to blog more often! I want to be able to look back at the moments that can too quickly pass out of memory.  We are doing great! Tim still enjoys his job at Argonne National Lab and enjoyed helping coach Abby's first season of Shorewood Park District Soccer.  I am still loving my job at Bednarcik Jr. High School and can't believe this is my 8th year of teaching there! Wow! God's calling for my life was teaching and I really enjoy it.  I have two classes left in my Masters program.  I cannot wait for May 5th, graduation day!  Abby loves school and is learning and growing by leaps and bounds in the full day kindergarten class at Troy Hofer Elementary School.  She will turn 6 on January 3 and loves dolphins, American Girl, and reading.  Emma is a spunky sweet almost 3 year old.  She is finally catching on to the whole potty training and is very excited to move to her big girl bed from her toddler bed over Christmas break.
The next few days we will be remembering my maternal Grandmother, Bertha Boonstra, who passed away early this morning.  While we will miss her here on Earth, I can't imagine the joy she is feeling today in heaven!  
Well, that about does it for now.  Hopefully the next post won't be quite so far away...

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